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Gia Cobie


This is the official website of Gia Cobie, author of the Tenebris Desire and Blade & Arrow series.

New Release

Saved from Obsession 

No matter what they said, I knew the threat was real.

When I first started receiving the letters, I hoped it was nothing. I hoped that the feeling of being followed was in my imagination. That the calls and texts and gifts were a weird joke or a case of mistaken identity.

But it didn’t feel like nothing. It felt dangerous.

The police brushed it off. “You’re a professional model, Georgia. Surely you’ve had admirers before. I’m sure this is just a gift from one of your fans.”

Except, it wasn’t. And one of those “gifts” was a horrific scar that ruined my life.

But it was over, right? My stalker is in jail.

So how come it’s happening again?

And now the police are convinced it’s just PTSD. It isn’t. I’m scared, and there’s only one place left to turn—Blade and Arrow Security—if they’ll agree to help me.

Meeting Georgia is nothing like how I had expected it to be.

When she came to us—scared, stressed, self-conscious, but so brave—there was never any question of helping her. Traumatized by not just one stalker, but two?

This is what Blade and Arrow does.

But I wasn’t expecting to be put in charge of her case.

How could I ever expect her to trust me? I’m the intimidating one—always the tallest and biggest in the room—the person people always want at their back, but definitely not as their enemy.

But when we meet? There’s something. An electricity, a heat, a desire to protect her that’s stronger than I’ve ever felt before. But protecting Georgia has to be my priority. There’s no room for anything else. Or is there?

Maybe I can be her protector and her boyfriend.

Except—the danger doesn’t end when her second stalker is caught. And the threat to Georgia is worse than ever.

If I don’t figure out who’s behind this sick obsession, I could lose Georgia forever.


Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

Just what romantic suspense should be; slow-moving, tension mounting, waiting for that final moment, and then, zap, it happens, and your adrenaline is pumping, and your heart is racing until that final climactic moment, and I wasn't even talking about the suspense yet. Of course, that description applies to both the romance and the suspense in Gia Cobie's book. I cannot wait for the next book in this series.

Praise & Reviews

Beautifully written story of two strong people finding even more strength together. Cole and Maya were perfectly paired, and I loved the side characters in this story. Cole wasn’t looking for a relationship, let alone finding the one person he can’t live without now that he knows her. The guys quickly realize Maya’s importance to Cole, and they will do anything to help protect her. I loved this story, and I will definitely be looking for more books by this author.

This story was absolutely wonderful. I devoured this book in hours. It has been one of the sweetest most swoon worthy books I've ever read. Leo made my heart melt time and time again. The team and friends along the way had such a great connection and it felt like a found family. There were twist and turns I never seen coming. I found myself shockingly trying to figure out who was after Georgia myself. The spice level was perfect and had the right amount of steam. The ending was wrapped up and so sweet my face hurts from smiling.

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